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'Conniptions' Is a collection of comics by Stephen Morton made for the occasion of the Hackney Comic and Zine Fair 2021. The collection includes extracts from 'This Is The Place I Happen To Be Now' made while working as a Care Worker during the Winter of 2020-21 In Glasgow, 'Ritual Of Life' a comic about death and taking magic mushrooms In a park In Bucharest and 'If I Get Any Sadder I Will Die' a four page strip about weight and leaving. Printed by Sundays Print In Glasgow, Scotland. 40pages.

"Conniptions is a 40-ish page collection of short strips that provide brief meditations of a bleak, sometimes nihilistic nature. If you’re looking for a diverting comfort reading then this isn’t the comic for you. But if you’re more into densely packed monologues that touch on themes of futility, death and disappointment this may well be more your thing." Andy Oliver Broken Frontier (Sept 21)