Experiments In Animation For Film Productions And Media Applications :
These are experiments I made to practice animation.
They were screened as part of Kevin P Gildays 'Anxiety Cabaret' In Glasgow at
The Old Hairdressers In October 2022.

Shorts. An Opportunity Missed Or A Life Well Lived?/Zero Hour Contracts/
Where All The Love Went Wasn't A Place You Could Return To

'Window' from Comics Tube a live narrated performance of
comic projection, reading and accompanying music by Neil Quigley.

Sea Of Cortez. A Reading and video I did of the Introduction to Sea Of Cortez by Georg Bauer.
Sea Of Cortez Is a Graphic Novel I made with musician John Murry in 2017.
This video was part of an exhibition launched as part of the AKA festival In Kilkenny.

The exhibition was subsequently shut down and all the installation work vandalised with pink paint by
the owners of the space. They were objecting to the content of the work (A book about Fish Tacos)
The experience of dealing with censorship Is not to uncommon event In KK Kilkenny
(they love to paint over shit they dont like)

"If I die In Kilkenny, please dont bury me there"